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Carpet Cleaning

Carpets and rugs assist to create a pleasant atmosphere in a house or business. Carpets and rugs, on the other hand, are far more prone to wear and are more difficult to clean than other forms of flooring. Carpet cleaning is necessary since, in addition to making your carpet appear new, it collects a lot of pollutants such as dirt, dust, and pet hair. Cleaning them out will greatly improve the air quality in your house or office, and a complete professional carpet cleaning may help your family or employees' health and allergies. Carpet Stains, Soils, and Odors … Whatever it may be. Eco-Cleaning Solutions has years of experience and knowledge plus top-notch training and superior equipment to handle the toughest job safely.

Carpet Repairs

We all love our fur babies, but they can do a number on your carpet. We can repair your carpet and save you thousands of dollars. You don't have to get the carpet replaced!! If you don't have a match, we can take a piece out of a closet and replace it with a close match. Or we work with a local carpet company that can get close matches. We also stretch those nasty bubble out to make your carpet look new and fresh again. We use a power stretcher not just a knee kicker. The power stretcher helps us get the maximum stretch, so the bubble won't happen again. Trust us for all your carpet repair needs.

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